Authors of papers presented in the 2nd Bajo Palabra International Philosophy Conference will receive a copy of the current issue of Bajo Palabra. Journal of Philosophy. Participants with accepted papers can submit their complete works (with a length of 12-15 pages) to the Editorial Board of the journal for publication in the next issue. Interested authors should send their articles before 30th November 2012 to:


A special, monographic issue of Bajo Palabra. Journal of Philosophy on “Philosophy, Human Rights and Democracy” will be issued, both in printed and digital versions. Among the papers based on contributions to the Conference and sent by participants for publication, those matching the Journal’s publication guidelines and having an outstanding quality will be selected to be featured in that monographic issue.


In order to encourage participation of young researchers and to promote the inclusion of their works in the journal, we announce the:




All researchers registered for the Conference, aged 35 or below, and presenting their previously unpublished work on any of the thematic lines of the Conference are eligible for participation. Several prizes will be given to the best works presented by the candidates. The Jury of the Prize will be formed by an international panel of scholars. The criteria for the selection of the winners will be the originality, methodological rigor and precision of the articles proposed by the candidates. The prizes will consist in the publication of the selected articles in an issue of Bajo Palabra. Journal of Philosophy, as well as a full refund of the Conference registration fees for their authors. For further information concerning publishing and participation guidelines, please visit the following web site:


The candidates should submit their texts by email to the following address:


The deadline for the admission of text to the competition is the September 15th 2012. The Jury will communicate its choice during the Conference.