The 2nd Bajo Palabra-UAM International Philosophy Conference “Philosophy, Human Rights and Democracy” has its main aim to project the discussion and its conclusions beyond the academic environment and into different areas of knowledge and society. In order to include a wide range of disciplines and research interests, the Conference will be structured along several topics.

The following sections are presented to those researchers interested in presenting a paper (of about 20-30 minutes, including some minutes for debate) in the Conference:

  1. Philosophical foundations of Democracy and Human Rights
  2. Education for Democracy and Human Rights.
  3. International Humanitarian Law: Current issues.
  4. Human Rights: Reality or utopia?
  5. Cosmopolitanism and European Citizenship
  6. Feminism and Human Rights
  7. New subjects of rights
  8. Human Rights and the New Information and Communication Technologies
  9. Multiculturalism: Other perspectives on Human Rights.
  10. The Impact of the current world economic crisis on the Welfare State.